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What is the mating connector for the HV8 on the back of the 1129 switch?

I'm trying to use the HVAB connections with the AB switches as access to test points in an automated tester. I want to reduce the amount of cabling required and since I am not using the HVAB I want to connect an instrument via the AB switches.
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The SCXI-1127,SCXI-1128 and SCXI-1129 have the capability to route analog signals to their rear connector. If you want to share these signals among several modules, you need to use the high-voltage analog bus (HVAB) adapter (like the SCXI-1357 and SCXI-1358). With this adapter and with an HV8-BAN4, you can route these signals to one of NI DMMs, like the NI 4060 or NI 4070.

Now if you are not using one of NI DMMs and you want to know how to connect an external instrument to the HV8 connector, I would strongly recommend that you contact NI support for more information at Request Support

Good luck with your project!

Annette Perez
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The connectors on the rear of the SCXI-1129 that interface to the HVAB (SCXI-1357 or SCXI-1358) are 2x5 Molex Mini-Fit(TM) 4.20mm BMI.
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