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Using NI switchers with Video Generator board?

Can anyone out there tell me if it is possible to use any of NI switch modules to switch a composite video signal from the Video Generator board or any other composite or S-video source?
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Yes, you can use the NI SCXI-1190 or NI PXI-2590 RF multiplexers to switch these video signals. Both switches are characterized to 1.3GHz in 50 Ohm systems. Since your video system is probably 75 Ohms, you need to be aware of reflection distortion and attenuation introduced by this impedance mismatch. The signal frequencies for composite video standards like PAL and S-video are usually 4-5 MHz. Since the path length through the 50 ohm switches are short compared to your video wavelengths, there shouldn't be a problem using them in a 75 Ohm system. Make sure you use 75 Ohm cables because a couple of meters of 50 ohm cable could cause significant impedance mismatches at low frequencies.

We have successfully run a PAL signal from the NI PCI-5431 video generator thr
ough an NI SCXI-1190 RF multiplexer and into an NI Image Acquisition board without significant distortion.
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