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USB-1359 not found in NI MAX

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Hi guys!!

I am trying to find support for NI USB 1359 with Windows 10 and LabVIEW 2017.

I installed all required software but some silly mistake which I am not able to catch and it didn't show in NI MAX. Can any one help to find it out.

I Know product get obsolete in 2018 but it should support on LabVIEW 2017 platform with windows 10.

Your valuable feedback will help me to short out the issue.

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oh...no one is their..

Get to know about real case 




Still is their any hope to make it possible.


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An interesting discussion to read, thanks for sharing.


Unfortunately, based on those discussions, you're using an outdated HW on a modern OS, either upgrade the HW or downgrade the OS. If you cannot convince the management to upgrade HW, convince the IT dept to downgrade OS.


Obviously one can't expect a Win10 or Win11 to work on a Pentium 3 system.

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Accepted by topic author hussey

At the end ............Found solution...…..


Ask me what?


Worked with Windows 10, 32 bit platform.

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