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TB Interlock on PXI-2566 documentation

Maybe I'm just not seeing it.  But I cannot find any information on the "TB Interlock" signal that the NI Switch help file shows is on pin 62 of the NI-2566 switch.


I assume that the "TB" translates to Terminal Block.  And I know what interlock switches are used for.  But I would like to find some type of documentation on what I can/might/should do with this signal.

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Hi Rich,


You are correct.  There is no information on the TB Interlock signal.  I'll create a KnowledgeBase to prevent any confusion in the future.  I apologize for the inconvenience.


TB Interlock is indeed a terminal block line, designed in as a safety feature. If a terminal block is attached, then the line is pulled low. We do not currently use the feature; it is available for future use.


Note: The TB_Interlock line is pulled up on the PXI motherboard with a 20k resistor.


Hope this helps!


Chad Erickson

Switch Product Support Engineer


Message Edited by Chad PSE on 02-09-2009 09:06 AM
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