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Switch in Teststand

Not sure if this is a Switch Exec or Teststand question.

In Teststand I can "Insert a Step>IVI-C> SWITCH"  If I select "Edit Switch" a drop down appears. If the "ACTION" is to "0-Connect" and the "Route(s) to Disconnect" is ALSO populated does it disconnect that route in additon to connecting the one in the "Route(s) to connect" field???

I've included a screen cap.  Even though the action is to connect does it disconnect too because that field is populated??  Using type c relays...not a mux if that helps.


"Go ahead, make my day"



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Hello Clint,


Even though the field is populated, the route will not be disconnected until you call a Disconnect or the Connection Lifetime has expired.  Sorry for the confusion, I will file a Product Suggestion to clear the Disconnect field if the action is set to Connect.  I invite you to do the same at the Product Suggestion Center.



Rod T.
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Not at all Rod.  I didn't think that BOTH statements were executed.  It was questioned by our QA person at a Review.  Now I have it in writting.



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