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Switch Executive Error

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Dear All,


I get the following error when trying to create a new Switch Exec Virtual device. I also get similair errors reported when trying to use current virtual devices that have been working for some time with no issues.


Can anyone shed any light on why this has occured and what I can do to resolve it? All other Labview code and functions operate as expected.
































































Many thanks



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can you try running NI Spy while attempting to create virtual device? That may shed some more light about what's going on. A few more questions:

- are other devices (already created ones) using the same underlying instrument driver?

- can you create a virtual device using (only) the simulated sampleSwitch IVI device provided with the NISE installation?

- if some other devices are using the same driver, can you use those in LV without errors?

- can you use LV, for example, to call IviSwtch Init and pass the same logical name you use for virtual device ("EAGLE_AUDIO_MATRIX")? What happens? NISE will try to do exactly that - open a session to your IVI virtual switch device using the IviSwtch_init function. I suspect that this is where it's failing... 

please let us know if you were able to get any new information!


best regards



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Many thanks Srdan,


I had changed the Visa Alias for that switch (IVI logical name = Eagle_Audio_Matrix) but neglected to change the Resource Descriptor under the hardware tab in the Driver session.


Obviously a slightly more informative error message would have helped, but I am happy now it's working again.


Thanks again.





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