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Specification of the 50 pin D-Sub needed for NI Cable SH200LFH-4xDB50F-C


I can not find an specification of the terminating female 50 pin D-Sub for the SH200LFH-4xDB50F-C cable. I would need an PCB mounted, angled, male connector on my custom built device that meets the 50 pin D-Subs.

Can anyone help me?


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Hi @RsDecoy, 


The DSUB connector used is just the standard kind, so you should be able to venture victoriously to a variety of vendors for a mating male material.



Additionally we sell both a TBX-50B for 50-pin DSUB connections, and a LFH200-> bare wire cable, if that's more your style. 


Also Here's a shameless plug for this bit of documentation: 

NI Switches Cable and Accessory Compatibility

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Thanks for your support, but I'm afraid there many standards out there.. i can see from pictures that it shall be 3 lines of pins. but need to know the pitch and size to be sure, as we need to design an PCB that fits the 4x DSub 50 way connectors.

I could from Phoenix Contact trace the thread being 2 UNC 4-40. but what is the distance between the locking screws?


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