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SCXI-1378 Terminal Block, R8 - R39 shorting jumpers.

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SCXI-1378 Terminal Block, R8 - R39 shorting jumpers.

I'm starting a small switching / resistance measuring project on 10 devices inside of a temperature chamber.  I'm using a SCXI chassis. The chassis contains a SCXI-1121 (4 Ch Isolaton Amp) with a SCXI-1325 terminal block, and a SCXI-1130 (Switching Module) with a SCXI-1378 terminal block.  My question concerns the SCXI-1378 Terminal Block.  Someone (unknown to me) (I'm sure its not the factory) placed shorting jumpers accross R8 - R39 located between the C0 - C63 screw termnals?  Is there any documentation available describing the functionality of R8 - R39?  If not, does anyone know why they are there?





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Accepted by topic author Glen_Kastner
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Re: SCXI-1378 Terminal Block, R8 - R39 shorting jumpers.

Hey Glen,


The 1378 configures the 1130 as a 4x64 1 wire or 4x32 2 wire matrix.  Soldering zero ohm resistors across the 1378 effectively makes it the 1379, which is an 8x32 1-wire matrix.  Note that while this will work, we do not intend on customers modifying a 1378 into a 1379.  I recommend you desolder the 0 Ohm shunts and leave the 1378 as originally shipped.

-John Sullivan
Analog Engineer
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