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Relay Driver for NI Linux RT

I am using a PXIe-2727 and PXI-2520 in my system.  The controller (PXIe-8880) came with Windows 10 installed.  I did my initial testing/checkout with Windows because of the nice GUIs.  I have since provisioned the controller to run NI Linux RT and when installing software noticed that NI SWITCH driver does not exist for Linux.  I have installed NI Serial (for serial modules) and NI DAQmx (for analog and digital IO modules) and the associated modules appear in MAX as expected, but the 2 relay modules mentioned above are missing.  Is there an equivalent to NI SWITCH in Linux RT?  I am programming in C and will be using DAQmx to control these relay modules however I won't be able to do that if the system doesn't recognize them in the first place.  Any ideas?

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