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Problem with NI Switch Executive - Test Panel

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In NI Switch Executive - Test Panel, I connect routes that I previously created, which are then shown connected, with no errors. However, the corresponding relay is not activated (which I can tell by monitring the DMM). By using NI-SWITCH Soft Front Panel, I can make the same connections and everything works fine, any idea why the connections aren't being made in the Test Panel?


Here is what I'm using:

PXI-1033 on a PCIe bridge

PXI-2530 4x32 switch matrix on slot 3

PXI-4071 DMM on slot 2

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Accepted by topic author DeadMeat

Hi DeadMeat,


It sounds like the NI PXI-2530 is simulated in the IVI configuration.


NI Switch Executive Virtual Devices references devices by their Logical Names.  Every Logical Name links to a Driver Session in MAX (Measurement & Automation Explorer).  A setting in the Driver Session allows a user to simulate a device.


I recommend to open MAX, expand IVI Drivers >> Driver Sessions and verify on the General tab that the Simulate With pull-down selection is set to Don't Simulate.


Hope this helps!


Chad Erickson

Switch Product Support Engineer


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I have a similar problem using NI-SE 18.0 on Windows 10.

I have a virtual device linked to an IVI logical name associated with a driver session that is not configured as simulated ("Don't simulate" is selected in general tab of IVI driver session). I can create routes using NISE : the driver is initialized with "Simulate=1" option, and all the channels caracteritics are given by the driver to NISE (I activated NI-IO trace and I can see all function calls (niSE_OpenSession...getAttributes....)). Everything works as expected.

The problem occurs when I try to use the test panel on the device. I can see in NI-IO trace the niSe_OpenSession function call that returns "SUCCESS" when i click on "test panel" for my device. And using an ethernet spy I can see that the driver actually communicates with my device. but, when I try to connect a route (exemple route0 in routegroup0) nothing happens. I don't even see a trace in NI-IO trace (for instance niSE_connect("MyDeviceLogicalName","Route0")), whatever the route I try to connect, until I close the test pannel (niSE_closeSession appears).

I checked that in NI-IO trace all API where captured (and iviswtch checkbox is enabled), and I also checked that my driver is not called when calling functions to connect channels (I log all my IVIswitchCompliant-homemade-driver function calls in a log file).

Can you help me please ?





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