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PXIe-2527 Connnecting COM0+ to multiple channels




I currently have my PXIe-2527 switch in the Dual 1-wire 32X1 MUX topology. COM1+ is used exclusively for another purpose and can't be changed. Is it possible to route COM0+ to two channels simultaneously?



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Using the "Connect" API you are unable to connect multiple channels to a single com. This is as designed for a MUX Topology.


However you should be able to use the "Relay Control" API and close the specific relay needed to make those connections. Be aware that if you close relays using the "Relay Control" API, the "Connect" API will be unaware that a connection exists and you should be careful to open any relays that you close when you are finished with that connection.

National Instruments
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Can you provide an example of how to connect multiple channels to a com using the relay API?

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