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PXI-2569 Relays Failing to work

I have used PXI 2569 SPST relay Module in PXIe 1082 Chassis. I could observed that, few relays are failing to operate for the commands from NI Max application. Is anybody address the reason for the same?. I am no connected any load on relay contacts. I simply operate the relay from NI Max application and measure the continuity (Resistance) at DSUB connector of LFH200 cable.

I would appreciate your support.


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When did you purchase your LFH200 cable?  A batch of cables shipped ~10 years ago had a consistent, but incorrect pinout.  However, we issued a recall and got nearly all those cables back.


To make sure we're on the same page, let us know which topology you're using and which pins you're trying to connect together, and we can tell you what to expect.

-John Sullivan
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