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PXI-2565 doesn't show up as DAQmx devices

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Hi all,


I need to use PXI-2565 as a DACmx device but it doesn't show up in DAQmx device category in MAX.  I tried to use MAX to convert it to DAQmx device but it didn't work.  I am trying to use an alias name in DACmx instead of using the PXI#::##::INSTR since the same Labview application is used in several different PXI systems.  I assigned an allias name to PXI-2565 in Chassis 1 (please see attached picture) and it worked.  However, it gives me error

Error -1074118654 occurred at NiSwitch

Initialize with Topology.vi

Possible reasons: invalid resource name


every time I start up the test system.  If I open MAX, expand devices and interfaces/PXI system/Chassis 1 to view all devices then the error goes away.  Please help.  Thanks.


Here's some more info:

Labview 7.0, Window 2000, DAQmx 8.1.0


Note: same configuration in another identical system works.





Max config.JPG

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Hi Palpro,


The first thing we should try is swapping the cards from the known good to the problematic machine in order to see if the problem follows the card or if the problem follows the system.  I would venture a guess that the problem is specific to the machine, not the card.  


The next thing we should try is placing the 2565 into a different PXI slot in the system.  This will force us to reload the driver and would clear up any configuration issues with the specific device session in MAX.


Let us know what you find and we can take additional steps from there.  Have a great day!

-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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Hey Palpro,


Just checking in to see if you were able to resolve your 2565 issue.  Let us know if you're still having trouble getting the 2565 to appear under Devices and Interfaces in MAX.

-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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 Hi John,


Thanks for the solution.  The test system is offsite and I won't be able to touch it for another two weeks.  I'll try to swap slot/modules and update you with the result.


Thanks for the help,


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Accepted by sangbui_palpro

Hello John, here's the update,


Sorry about the delay.  I was able to get to the system with problem and fixed it yesterday by using the module in a different slot.  However, I wasn’t able to determine if the slot or the module was causing problem.  MAX would recognize the module if I put it in a different slot.  When, I put it back to the same slot, I got the same problem again.  This may indicate that it’s a PXI-slot problem.  However, when I put a different PXI-2565 module into the same slot, MAX sees it as a DAQ-mx device so the slot works.  I tried a number of other things.  First I clear all aliases which were assigned.


Note: module = PXI-2565 with problem


1)       Pull the module out, restart system, pop module back in, restart the system: didn’t work.

2)       Pull the module out and put it into a different PXI slot, restart system to force driver update, pop module back into the slot with problem, restart the system: didn’t work.

3)       Pull the module out, insert a different type of module into the slot with problem, restart system, swap the modules back into their original slots, restart the system: didn’t work.

4)   Replace the module with a different PXI-2565: worked.

5)   Put the module in another slot: worked.


I ended up using a different slot.  The problem appears to be caused by a combination of slot/module.  It's just weird.

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Hi Palpro-


     I am glad to hear that you at least have the module working in another slot.  It certainly is abnormal for a particular module/slot combo to not function correctly.  If you are interested in troubleshooting the issue any further, please call the Applications Engineering Department at 1 866 275-6964 (ASK-MYNI).  Any one of us would be happy to help you troubleshoot this further.


Gary P.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
Visit ni.com/gettingstarted for step-by-step help in setting up your system.
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Hey SB,


This error is due to the association we've made with the particular 2565 and the particular slot.  Once we load the driver for the board, we don't load the device instance again as long as the same hardware is in the same slot.  Therefore, if we create an IVI session to the board and that session has errors (points to the wrong device, topology, nowhere, etc.), we'll see errors until we either fix the problem or delete and recreate the session in MAX.  Without troubleshooting the root cause, an easy fix is to move the hardware to force Windows to load a new device instance and IVI session.  Both the failing and working sessions still exist on the system, so swapping the card back to the old slot will load the failing instance, while the new slot will load the new instance.  


In short, this indicates to me that there's a lingering, incorrect reference to the device in IVI.  Obviously, we could just leave the cards swapped, but if you'd like to troubleshoot the issue further, I'd first recommend deleting any IVI driver sessions and logical names that have the same name as the 2565 that's having problems.  If you have any questions about this, please attach a screen shot of the IVI configuration on your machine.  For example:


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-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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Off course I'd like to troubleshoot it further.  I'll try it the next time I have my chance to put my hands on that offsite system.  I'll keep you guys updated.  Thanks for the explanation.


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