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PXI-2532B Pin connection routing error

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I'm trying to virtualize this PXI-2532B switching module (eventually to run together with a virtual PXI-4070 DMM). I set up the virtual drive under NI Switch Executive Virtual Devices, and made the routes of 4 Hi-Lo pairs to test 4 DUT's. However, when I tested the connections in Test Panel, it gave me these errors. Could anyone help? What's the correct way to make pin connections, and be able to test it and pass debugger?


Thank you!  



NI MAX soft test panel error.png

NI Switch Exe debug panel error.png

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Hi ylflex,


If you remove the hyphens from your alias it should solve your problem. I tried the name with hyphens and got the error. I then removed the switch, changed the name to 2532, and tried the same routes, but I didn't get the error. After figuring this out, I found this article that says to not use hyphens in switch alias.

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Wow. Thank you for pointing out the problem! I was careful of not putting hyphens in the route names, but neglected the device name! Whew...I wish the error code could be more informative. Anyway, thanks again!

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