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PXI-2532 Terminal Blocks

For the PXI-2532, each terminal block can be ordered with or without column protection. If we order a terminal block with column protection resistors, isn't there any way to bypass these resistors? To measure resistances through columns without any offset, must we order a terminal block without column protection? My customer ordered PXI-2532 and TB-2640 with column protection, and wants to measure resistances through the module. Because of column protection resistors, there exist offset values about 100Ω. Is'nt there any way to solve this problem?
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The best thing to do would be to swap the "protected" version for the "unprotected" version so that the resistance is not there.  The protection resistors help to prevent inrush currents from capacitive loads which can easily damage/weld reed relays.  If they have a resistive load, particularly at lower voltages, the protection isn't needed.

If swapping the terminal blocks is not feasible, you could replace the 100 ohm protection resistor with a 0 ohm short although we don't document how to do this, which resistor goes to which terminal, etc.


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