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PXI-2532 Signal Shielding

I am planning on using the PXI-2532 in a 16X32, 1 wire configuration using the TB2642 Terminal Block & the SCB-264X, Screw Terminal Block. The switch matrix will be used as a general purpose switch for applying sources, both AC & DC, to a DUT, as well as a path for measurement.


The problem is that the recommended ribbon cable that connects to the Screw Terminal Block, SCB-264X is not shielded & hence will be susceptible to noise pick up along the 1 to 2 meter length of the cable. In addition the cross talk in adjacent channels will seriously affect sensitive measurements.


Is anyone aware of a solution that can provide shielded interconnections from the PXI-2532, to a terminal block?

Message Edited by Imraan on 08-26-2009 02:07 AM
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Hi Imraan,


I have spoken with Glen and he has confirmed that we don't provide alternate shielded solutions other than the ribbon cable that is provided.  A couple of options do exist as outlined in the Developer Zone article linked here - both Viginia Panel and MAC Panel provide mass interconnect solutions.  

Jim Schwartz
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Hi Jim,

I was informed by Glen that NI does not have a solution, however I was hoping that a third party might have one.


In my application the NI PXI-2532 will be interfacing with Virginia Panels G10 via a QuadraPaddle module & I have been working with VPC to find the right cables, however their solution provides ribbon cable connections to to the various NI Terminal Blocks which have unshielded Rows & Column connectors.


One option that I discussed with Glen was to redesign the Column protection PCB within the TB-2642. This PCB plugs into a smaller PCB that mates with the two connectors on the front of the PXI-2532. Currently I am looking for the pinouts of the 3 connectors of the  on this smaller PCB. Of the three connectors, one connects to the column protection PCB & the other two 16 pin connectors mate with the Row ribbon cables.


I have gone through a lot of literature from the NI site but have not been able to locate the info that I need.


Is it possible to get this info from NI engineering ?

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Hi Imraan,


I found  some information in the NI Switches Help and the 2642 Installation Instructions.  The Switches Help is installed with the driver and is located at Start»Programs»National Instruments»NI Switch»Documentation»NI Switches Help and the Installation Instructions can be be found here.  I have also attached some screenshots from these documents.

Jim Schwartz
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Hi Jim, thanks.


As mentioned earlier, I am hoping to replace only the Column PCB in the TB-2642 & use the smaller PCB that connects to the PX-2532 along with the mechanical casing. I have been trying to trace the connections between the 66 pin Samtec right angle connector, J1, mounted towards the rear of the column PCB & the 34 pin straight connector J2.


On this new PCB I will be using a 64pin connector for the columns to provide shielding & will jumper the 16pin row connector to this board & provide a 32 pin connector for shielding the rows, this way I will have two ribbon cables, one 64pin shielded for the columns & one 32 pin shielded for the Rows. These cables will have Virginia Panel's Tri Paddle module on the other side for mass interconnect to the G10 Receiver. 


I have been trying to trace the interconnects on the PCB but so far that has not been too easy. Any help would be appreciated


Thanks again.

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