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PXI-2532 2x256 matrix

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Good Day,


I would like to use the PXI-2532 as a 2x256 matrix.  There exists many terminal blocks for various other configurations, but I don't see one for a 2x256 arrangement.  Is there a terminal block for this 2x256 arrangement?  How would I go about to use it like that?


Thanks for the help.

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Thank you for posting to the NI Forums. In order to achieve a 2x256 matrix configuration, two PXI-2532's will be required. Feel free to post any further questions regarding this. Have a great day!

Margaret Barrett
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
Digital Multimeters and LCR Meters
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Thanks for the reply.  I'm considering building a custom interface board to allow for this configuration.
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The PXI-2532 is pinned out at its front connector as 16 banks of 2x16 matrices.  While NI does not make a 2x256 interface for this module, it would be possible to obtain that configuration if you designed a custom interface.  This has been done by at least one other person that I am aware of.  The NI-SWITCH driver has native support for the 16 2x16 topology and you can use this to operate your module as a 2x256.


If you decide to pursue this direction, please let us know if there are things that we can do to provide additional assistance for your custom interface (mating part numbers, connector locations, caveats, etc).




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