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PXI-2522 missing Windows driver

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I've got a PXI-2522 card installed in my PXI chassis and have installed NI-SWITCH 19.5 but Windows Device Manager says there is no driver available/installed. The readme file states that this card is supported. How do I resolve this issue?

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Specifically which Windows OS are you using (and bitness).  If using Windows 10, which update are you using?


Is secure boot enabled?


I just installed NI-SWITCH 19.5 on Windows 10 x64 update 1903.  It installed and my PXI-2522 seems to work.

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OS: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC build 17763.

Secure boot is not enabled.

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PS: What is the path to the driver file for your card? Maybe I can browse to it in Device Manager.

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That DLL does not exist on my system even though I've installed the NI-SWITCH package. The title for that package says NI 2524/5/6, 273x, and 274x Switches. So it does not list the 2522, but the readme file shows it as supported hardware. Not sure what the issue is?


Annotation 2020-02-10 113330.png

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You need to make sure to include support for the NI-DAQmx based switches:


The PXI-2522 is an NI-DAQmx-Based Switch.

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Thanks, that was it. But I can't find anything in the readme or elsewhere that indicates it's DAQmx.

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