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PXI-2522 SPDT Relay NC43 and NO43 are misrepresented



we have bought a PXI-2522. Now I have found out that NC43 and NO43 are misrepresented which means:


NC43 --> Coordinate D8

COM43 --> Coordinate D7

NO43 --> Coordinate D6


What my collegue and I have measured:



COM43 to NO43 --> 0 ohms

COM43 to NC43 --> Open Load



COM43 to NO43 --> Open Load

COM43 to NC43 --> 0 ohms


The serial number does not get accepted if I want to create a RMA so I try it this way.

Does any1 have the same issue with K43?




Kind regards



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It is possible that the pinout is wrong, I would recommend you reach out to NI Support to confirm the same and that would give them a chance to update the latest documentation too.

Semiconductor Validation & Production Test
Soliton Technologies
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I have written an e-mail to NI already. They just said that I shall send the device back for repair but I can't because we need it for our tests. I just want a feedback to if other devices have the same issue. 🙂


It would be awesome if someone could check it and give me a feedback.


Kind regards


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