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PXI-2520 Stuck Relays


I am having trouble with my PXI-2520 relay module.  I am using it to control power to a few external devices (28V at 0.5A).  From the spec this is within acceptable ranges.  I have noticed that a number of relays appear to be stuck in the closed position (power is still getting to some devices).  Using NI Switch soft front panel or running a C program (using NI DAQmx) will not open the relays.  The C program is returning success and the test panel is showing the relays are open but they are not.  I have tried restarting the PXI controller, resetting the module, performing the self test in MAX and nothing is working.  This is a relatively new purchase, the relay count is very low (around 40).  Are the relays already damaged?  Is there any way to get these relays to respond?

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