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Not able to program PXI 2532 switch

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I am not able to program the PXI 2532 switch . We have PXi 1042Q chasis, PXI-8106 microcontroller, PXI 2532 switch connected to TB 2641 followed by SCB 264x break out. I am trying to route 400 mv p-p ac signal. But could not route the signal. Not sure where I am doing wrong. What would be the best method to debug the problem? I have attached the VI that I am using.
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I think I figured out that the problem is not with the programming but with the signal connections. I am connecting sensor sets (each sensor has 2 wires signal and gnd) to the anemometer via the switch PXI 2532. I am connecting the ground wire from sensor directly to the ground terminal of the anemometer. I am connecting the signal wire from sensor to the column and signal wire from the anemometer to the row. When I apply 100 mv signal it comes out ok on the row but on column I do not see any signal. Please help me in solving this problem.



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The setup diagram for the above explanation
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Which Topology are you using?  IT sounds like you are using the 4x128 (1-Wire) Matrix? 


To confirm, it sounds like you are connecting all of the grounds to the anemometer ground.  Then you are connecting the Signal Wire to the Columns(Columns 0 ---N) of the switch and the Signal lead of the anemometer to the row (Assuming Row 0). If this is the case then it makes sense  You then have to connect each column (C0) to row 0 (r0) one at a time! (ex: c0 -> r0; )  One thing to note, is that in your program there is nothing that breaks the connections that were made prior to making the next connections, this means that you are making connections and leaving them connected.  It is therefore very possible that you more than one column connected to one row.  I suggest that you use the niSwitch Disconnect Channel.vi or niSwitchDisconnect all Channels.Vi to break connections that were made prior to making anew connection.


Have you tried to make the connections in the Switch Soft Front Panel.  This is a nice User interface that will allow you to make connections by clicking and seeing a schematic of the connections and connection points.  I suggest that if you have not done aleready to check that everything works using the Switch Soft Front Panel.  (Start>>All Programs>> Natioanl Instruments>> NI-SWITCH>>NI-SWITCH SOFT FRONT PANEL).  There is a great help document for all switches and the switch front panel that can be found here that I think will really help you get started: (Start>>All Programs>> Natioanl Instruments>> NI-SWITCH>> Documentatio>> NI-SWITCH Help)


I hope this helps!

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Message Edited by CharlesD on 06-03-2009 10:25 AM
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