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NISE 3.6 Mixing Switching Capabilities/Route Broken

Good morning,


I have an issue whereby I have used hardwires to connect one pole of two switches to each other.  The other pole end of each switch is connected to a UUT pin (UUTP1 and UUTP2).  The switches are different items of hardware.  I would expect that if I connect UUTP1 to the hardwired pole, the route would be found, and it is.  But if I connect UUTP2 to the same hardwired pole, NISE reports the channel 'does not satisfy new constraints'.  I assume the reason is the card route specs are different.  Is there a way to ignore the error and allow the connection across different hardware switches?





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This may help explain my issue...(if it's no too small!)

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Let me understand your implementation correctly,

  1. You connect SW1 COM -> SW1 NO - it works
  2. You connect SW1 COM -> SW2 NO - it throws an error?

If you expect SW1 COM -> SW2 NO to work, it will not, because you've externally connected SW1 COM and SW2 COM and SE will not be able to consider that.


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