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NI Switch Executive error when attempting to add NI PXI-2566 switch to new virtual device.

I just loaded Switch Executive and am wanted to explore its capabilities. I have a PXI system that I am setting up. Currently I have PXI-2566 cards in slots 8 and 9.
I was following the NI Switch Executive help documentation "Creating a Virtual Device" and attempted to create a virtual device with the 2566 modules and I got this error;

Error xBFFA000A occurred.
Failure loading driver module.
The driver for the DAQmx switch is not loaded.[Device:PXI1Slot9_ivi]
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I had not loaded the "NI-DAQ 7" software that came with the 2566 switch card. I assumed that since MAX showed that I had version 7.2 of DAQmx that I was already up to date.
I received a new PXI-2532 switch, and when I got a "driver not found" error in Switch Executive when I tried to add the 2532 to a new virtual device, I had second thoughts on running the setup/install from the new discs.

After running the software install, I was able to add the 2566 switches to a virtual device in Switch Executive. However, the 2532 failed.

Error xBFFA4B4A occurred.
DAQmx Error -200181 occurred:
Channel name specified is not valid for the switch device.
Device: PXI1Slot10
Channel Name: r4
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I am glad the PXI-2566 issue got resolved. The PXI-2532 issue is fixed with NI-DAQ 7.3 that will release tomorrow.
You can contact your National Instrument sales engineer to get free CD, or I can check at http://digital.ni.com/softlib.nsf/webcategories/85256410006C055586256BBB002C128D?opendocument&node=132060_US in a couple days for the link to the NI-DAQ 7.3 install.
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