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NI PXI-4065 DMM with PXI-2527 switch resistance measurement maximum range?



I'm trying to connect a DMM PXI-4065 through a multiplexed 2527 in 32x1 configuration. I'm using the NI optional cable 192795A-0R2 to make the connection between the PXI-4065 and the TB-2627 which is being used with the 2527. I currently have nothing wired to the 2527, so each switch is effectively set to "open" which should give over range on the DMM. In DMM soft panel, the 2-wire resistance will not read above 99.9 kohm, no matter what range I set on the DMM. As soon as I disconnect the 192795A-0R2 cable from the from the TB-2627, the reading immediately jumps to over range.


Am I making a wrong connection somehow, or is there a hardware limitation of the 2527 or 2627 that I don't understand, which is causing the maximum resistance readout to be 99.9 kohm?


Thanks for any assistance.

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