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NI 9482 counter connector P/N



we have couple NI 9482 relay modules next to each other in a cdaq chassis and we'd like to design a simple pcb which we could snap on these series of modules. Does anyone know what is the P/N for the matching connector we can use on our PCB?



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Hello 1984,

It seems you are doing something really interesting.

As I understood you are searching part numbers for the connectors of NI-9482,

There are two types of connectors.

P/N 154928A-01       P/N  782715-01


I hope this will help you.



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Thanks man but I'm actually looking for a PCB mountable counter part and not a screw terminal version. We'd like to design a PCB we can snap on a series of relay modules instead of using wires from the screw terminal to the PCB.

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Actually, there is an alternative, not a bad way to do that.

You can use board to board connectors


BG030 - Board to Board Connector Header 2.54mm pitch Straight (gct.co)


This is a connector type that can be used with NI-9927 terminals that are used in NI-9482.


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I would not recommend plugging a board with direct connectors interfacing with multiple c-series cards at the same time, the issue is that the c-series card have a degree of play in both x and y axes and tolerances.


But if your intention is to have a board that connects to only one c-series module at a time, then fine because even if the module moves, the external board can also move with it.

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Thx for your response. We've done thing like this, eg: we designed PCB-s for SCXI modules which had quite a bit of a play as well, so I'm not conerned about it.

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