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Is CJC compensation automatically applied to Virtual Channels created with MAX?

I have a SCXI 1000 chassis, a SCXI 1102 module and a TC 2095 terminal block. I am configuring virtual channels with the names TC(n) where n is the channel number. When I configure the virtual channel, I am selecting 'built-in' CJC. The question I have is:
When I reference the virtual channel from my DAQ application, is the data I receive already cold-junction-compensated, or do I have to read the CJC voltage as a separate channel, and apply the correction factor manually on my block diagram (like we had to do in the old days)?

I gather that the data that I read, which is obviously scaled to engineering units, is, indeed, cold-junction compensated, but I would like to be certain that t
hat is the case. Thanks.
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You are right. That is the way it works. If you specify the CJC compensation in MAX when creating a Virtual channel, to be the built in CJC, the data you get is going to be CJCed already.
Hope this helps.
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