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Including Runtimes in TestStand deployment with PXIe-2529

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I'm creating a deployment in TestStand 2016.  My test sequences use Switch Executive to control a PXIe-2529.  I'd like to minimize the footprint of the deployed installer and only include the runtime engines (if possible).  What are the appropriate runtime engines to choose?  My initial thought is:

  1. NI-SWITCH Runtime for 16.0 for SwitchCA4 Devices
  2. NI-DAQmx Runtime 16.0

Are these correct? Is there anything extra that must be included to gain functionality of Switch Executive?

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Quick update: I see "NI Switch Executive 2015" in the list of available installers, so I've got that one covered now.


So I guess the real question for this thread: Is the PXIe-2529 considered a CA1/2/3 device or a CA4 device?

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The PXIe-2529 is a CA1/2/3 device

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PXIe-2529 is considered a SwitchCA123 device. See the following KB for more information.

" NI Switch modules with these features are sometimes referred to as "CA4" devices, where modules released before 1/1/2015 are either CA1, CA2, or CA3."

This ideally should have a list of all supported devices, but you can use the NI-SWITCH Readme to find the approximate release date.You will notice that NI-SWITCH 15.1 (released in 2015) added support for the NI PXIe-2524, NI PXIe-2525, NI PXIe-2526, NI PXIe-2737, NI PXIe-2738, NI PXIe-2739, NI PXIe-2746, NI PXIe-2747, and NI PXIe-2748. These are all the CA4 modules supported at this time. 

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Thanks Frank!

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Station that is deployed is not taking a deployment license from the NI VLM for NI SE. I suspect Switch Executive is hosed. Is there a downloadable NI SE 2015 installer??



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Fixed problem. I was trying to import SE virtual devices (in MAX) at same time as MAX configuration (File->Import Configuration), received error 0x8000FFFF.

Importing virtual devices later by right click on NI Switch Executive Virtual Devices (Import) worked.


I then saw NI License Manager take a VLM license for NI SE Deployment.. success!!



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