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IVISwitch channel table list

Trying to develope an application using the IVI class driver for an ag3499 Switch control system. The specific driver is un-usable at this time do to an error that NI is trying to fix. When trying to connect channels ( close or open ) I get an error stating that "Driver Status: (Hex 0xBFFA001F) No channel table has been built for the session. The instrument driver must call Ivi_BuildChannelTable in its IviInit function." I can't find a reference to this anywhere. I thought that you built your virtual channel name and parameter list through MAX and I have entered a couple to try to get it to work to no avail. Any ideas on what and where the channel name list builder is?? Thanks
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You don't need to call this function, but your specific driver does. That function is a utility function provided by the IVI engine that allows the specific driver to register all of it's channels with the engine. The engine can then use this information to track per-channel attributes, etc. All of this should happen behind the scenes. You only need to be concerned with it unless you are actually developing a specific driver yourself.

This is different from the virtual channel name mapping in MAX. That mapping allows you to create aliased names for pre-existing channels. In your case, the IVI engine doesn't think that you have any channels (because apparently none were registered).

You might try using a different specific driver temporarily just to ma
ke sure that everything else is working as you'd expect.
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