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IVI-C switch step open session error

In my current Test Stand 3.5 sequence I start by using niSE open session.vi to begin a new switch session. I then pass this handle along to other VIs for switching, which works perfectly, and then at the very end of the sequence I pass the handle to a niSE close session.vi. The problem I'm having is now I want to start using the built in IVI-C Switch steps. Everytime I insert one of these steps in the middle of my sequence I get an error because the step appears to be trying to open a new session, when one is already open. Is there a way to pass the currently running session handle into the "virtual device name" of the switch step so that it doesn't try to open a new one?

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Hi Jason. 


This is known bug in TestStand and it is currently being addressed CAR ID #125874.  Basically when the NISE session is closed, TestStand doesn't actually dispose of the session but rather hangs on to it until the execution window is closed.   


There is a workaround:


Create a statement step after you close the NISE session, and call the following.


RunState.Execution.TSIviStepTypes_AnchorName_For_NISE Virtual Device = nothing


where NISE Virtual Device is the name of the NISE device that you want to end the session to.



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