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I can't delete a device that I was importing when Switch Executive crashed.

I added a virtual device to Switch Executive, and I selected an *.xml file to import into it.  As Switch Executive was importing the *.xml file, it crashed, and the program closed.  I reopened the program, and my virtual device was there.  However, Switch Executive is now saying that all of the routes from the file are invalid.  If I rename the file to something else, the routes come up as being valid.  Then if I rename the file back to its original name, all of the routes remain valid as long as I have MAX open.  However, if I close MAX and reopen it, then all of the routes in that file are shown as being invalid again.  It definitely seems as though Switch Executive has the name of this virtual device saved somewhere and remembers that its corresponding *.xml file wasn't loaded correctly.  Is there some Switch Executive file that I can edit to remove that filename from the initial configuration of Switch Executive so that it doesn't remember the file or that it was loaded incorrectly?  Or is there a better way of deleting this file so that I can successfully create another virtual device with the same name?
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You are correct the information is stored somewhere. The only way it can be removed is to delete the whole directory where MAX store its information. If you have any other NISE vds they will be lost, so before starting this procedure you need to export all the NISE vds to be reimported once the directory has been recreated (and is clean).
1) With MAX closed, you will need to stop the mxs server by typing on the command prompt: net stop mxssv
2) Delete the content of the directory:  \Program Files\National Instruments\MAX\Data
3) Restart you computer. This will recreate the content of the data directory without the corrupted NISE vd
4) Reimport you NISE vds
Guy Ferraro
Switch product Support Engineer

Message Edited by Guy Ferraro on 02-28-2006 04:49 PM

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The updated procedure when using MAX 4.5 would be:




1) Export switch configuration (e.g. XML file)

2) Close MAX

3) Run command line:  net stop mxssvr

4) Delete directory:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\National Instruments\MAX\Data

5) Restart computer

6) Import switch configuration (e.g. XML file)



The IviConfigurationStore.xml file appears to have moved to:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\IVI Foundation\IVI\IviConfigurationStore.xml

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