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How to connect up 2 relays of SCXI-1161 with DAQmx in programming my application

My application will use several SCXI-1166 and SCXI-1161 modules. The SCXI-1166 modules are good, but I couldn't control the SCXI-1161 module to keep over 2 relays in connecting state.For example, when I connect the second relay of SCXI-1161,the first connected relay will always shut off automatically! I know this problem can be solved when using with Traditional NI-DAQ driver,but the SCXI-1166 can only used with DAQmx.
How can I do ?
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There is bug in DAqmx that will prevent you from connecting 2 channels on the SCXI-1161. This bug has been fixed with NI-DAQ 7.1. You can upgrade to NI-DAQ 7.1 from our website: http://digital.ni.com/softlib.nsf/websearch/C1F802E457EA042586256DD00001B0C9?opendocument&node=132060_US

I apologize for the inconvinience that might have caused you.

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I have run into this same problem except I have NI-DAQmx v 8.9.5.


Essentially when I have one relay actuated so nc0 -> com0 and I want to actuate another nc1 -> com1  this first relay opens no0 -> com0


Anyone else run into this??

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Hey Smooth,


Calling the relay open and close VIs on the separate 1161 channels won't affect the other channels if you've configured your code properly.  Post up your code and we can look it over.


-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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John I was able to determine the error.


I had the DAQmx Switch Set Topology and Reset VI in my loop as opposed to calling before my loop which was causing the error.


After I removed the VI outside of my loop I no longer have this problem.


Thanks for your interest in my problem.

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Glad you've got it working.  Happy switching!



-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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