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How to connect signals on Ni SCB-264X

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We have bought  PXI 2532 switch with TB-2641. We have also bought break out SCB-264X. I have a question regarding signal connections. SCB-264X is provided with only signal connections(C0,C1 etc). But what about the ground for each signal. How do I connect the signal ground of each signal.




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Hi Kartik,


The TB-2641 terminal block creates a 1-wire 8x64 matrix configuration for the NI PXI-2532. 


1-wire configurations are typically used for single-ended signals: when there is a shared or common ground return.  In these configurations, the common ground signal line is typically wired externally (not switched).


If a portion of your application requires the switching of differential (2-wire) signals, then you can use an additional column for each signal's ground reference.  Similarly, additional rows are required. 


If your entire application switches only 2-wire signals, then the TB-2643 or TB-2644 may be more appropriate than the TB-2641.


The TB-2643 terminal block creates a 2-wire 4x64 matrix.

The TB-2644 terminal block creates a 2-wire 8x32 matrix.


Hope this helps!


Chad Erickson
Switch Product Support Engineer

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