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How do you set up for 4-wire mux?

My PXI has a NI2503 switch. I want to use it as a 4-wire mux.Ihave tried to use niswitch initialize with options, with option, 'Simulate=1, DriverSetup+PXI-2503 4-wire mux'.for nidwitch connect ch0a, com0a, ch0b, com0b. This does not work. I tried to configure the switch through MAX but that does not work neither. I need all the help you can give me. Thanks. Gary Steffen
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There are two ways you can configure your NI 2503 switch module to work in the 4 wire MUX mode of operation.
The first way configures the NI 2503 at design time, with the use of Measurement and Automation Explorer. After installing the NI 2503, there will be an entry for the switch module in MAX under My System -> Devices and Interfaces -> PXIBusX (X is an integer). When you right click on this entry, the pop-up dialog box will have an option labelled 'Configure Switch'. Select this, and a configuration dialog box will appear with the option to select a switch configuration to work in. You can select 4-Wire MUX as a mode for the NI 2503.
The other way of configuring the NI 2503 is at run time by using the NI SWITCH Initialize With Options function. The option
string input to this function can contain the topolgy you wish to use (in this case, PXI-2503 4-Wire MUX). The attached LabVIEW 6i VI demonstrates how to do this.
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