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How do i pulse a relay accurate at e.g. 250 msec?

Hello together,


i want to simulate a button press  on some hardware for a certain time. Therefor i need to use NI 2566. Is it possible to switch a relay on for deterministic time (range 10 - 1000 msec)?

Can i do this by hardware?


One solution is to generate this pulse with a counter card (NI 6602) and connect this signal to an external relay (incl. relay driver). But is there another solution to do this with one card?


Thank you in advance





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Hi XTrevor,


The NI PXI-2566 has a maximum operate time specification of 4.4 ms, so the maximum error in a close and open operation would be 8.8 ms.  Is this acceptable for your deterministic (10 ms) application requirement? 


If acceptable, then I can think of two ways to accomplish the deterministic relay operations. 


1. (Windows) Create a known connection list (scan list) and download it to the board, iterating through the connections with a deterministic hardware trigger.

2. (Real-Time) Simply program with the NI-SWITCH or DAQmx driver and add a software wait time to deterministically close and open relays.


Hope this helps!


Chad Erickson

Switch Product Support Engineer


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