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Getting the end point to end point connections paths that exist from Switch Exe

Can I query the Switch Exe data base and get a list of the existing paths that Switch EXE has connected?


I have a debug app that reads the channel names (via a property node) and present them to the operator to manually connect and disconnect paths using the end points. I would like to have an indicator showing the current paths that are connected and I was hoping to be able to get that from Switch Exe without me having to add code to keep track of it myself.


The goal is to be able to click on any existing path to disconnect it. 


I do query the switch cards and display the actual relays that are closed, but that is hard to relate that to what channels that are connected when we have 8 matrix cards all interconnected.




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Hi Omar,


Try using something like the example below that incorporates an array to check every connection.  If the path is found to exist, then you could add that combination to an array that is displayed on the front panel.  Also see this knowledge base article about the known issue with the Find Routes VI.  Use the VI from the bottom of the page in place of the Find Routes from the palette.  Hopefully this helps!




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