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Does anyone know how I can check the continuity of wiring harnesses using SCXI1127 and niDMM?

I need a program that will check continuity and leakage on 84 different wiring points. I need to use the 1-wire configuration. Anyone have any ideas?
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If by continuity, you mean checking if two leads are shorted together, then yes, you can check that with the NI 4060 DMM and the SCXI 1127 by simply checking for a resistance of close to zero or a potential difference of zero. In 1-wire mode you have to provide the 1_WIRE_LO_REF signal (usually ground) to the terminal block for your negative terminal and use each of the 64 channels on the terminal block as your positive terminals. Therefore, the continuity you would be checking for would be between the 1_WIRE_LO_REF signal you provide and the signal you want to check it against. If this describes the system you desire, then you will need two SCXI 1127 modules and two SCXI 1331 terminal blocks to give you your necessary channel count.
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