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DAQ assistant on cRIO 9073




I needed a good Data Aquisition system and for this I choose (together with an NI field engineer) NI Labview and cRIO9073 module. But I'm stuck for making just a simple measurement now. When I used the evaluation version, without cRIO I made simulated signals and used the DAQ assistant. It was very easy and very fast. But when I want to slect an analog input on the cRIO with analog input module 9205 I can't use the DAQ? Is this normal or do I mis software somewhere? I've foun an other way to make measurements, but I can not change the frequency of measurements, samplingrate,...



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Hi CBo


A cRIO works in a completely different way compared to a regular DAQ card (which uses the DAQmx driver and the DAQ assistant). A cRIO is actually a system which can be used as a complete stand alone system without use of a pc (after programming the device). I suggest you go through the Getting started with cRIO



Best Regards

Applications Engineer
NI Belgium
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