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Connecting 5 PXI-2527 to 4070

What is the best way to connect 5 PXI-2527's to create a signal MUX that goes to a PXI-4070 DMM. I really need the high voltage.




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Hi Leo,


The PXI-2527 has a front-mounting terminal block (TB-2627).  Bare wire is used to connect to the TB-2627 screw terminals.  Using additional bare wire, you can externally connect (daisy-chain) the COM lines together to expand the multiplexer across multiple PXI-2527s.  Remember to select the wire gauge so you can insert more than one wire in the COM screw terminals. 


Spec'd clamp opening size: 0.065 x 0.067 in (1.65 x 1.7 mm)
Spec'd maximum wire diameter (for one wire): 0.65 in (1.65 mm)


Let me know if you have further questions!


Chad Erickson

Switch Product Support Engineer


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