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Closing multiple SPST in a PXIe-2569 for a named route using NI Switch Executive

Is it possible to create a route using NI Switch Executive/NI MAX for a PXIe-2569 that allows more than one SPST in the array to be closed simultaneously? If under the Schematic Configuration tab I click to close a first SPST (i.e. ch0->com0) and then close a second (i.e. ch1->com1) the first SPST opens. Is there a configuration setting that will allow more than one SPST to be closed in a named route?

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From further experimentation it appears to be that an individual route can only have one closed switch but a route group can have multiple closed switches. To close more than one switch at a time create a route group and include in that group a route for each individual closed switch. If routes were already created then use the Routes/Groups tab to assign them to the group.

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