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Any NI products that will help with increasing current?

Is there anything on the market that will help me fix the low current output problem on my CB-68LP DAQ board w/pci-6024E card? I need to get the 5V TTL pulse to throw a switch, to let an external power supply at 5V (but at least .5 amps) supply a solenoid that has just on/off states. I guess the real question is, "What kind of hardware am I talking about for this purpose?"
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There are no NI products that can deliver the 500 mA @ 5 volts that you need. However, if you have an external power supply that can deliver that voltage and with the current drive you need, you can use your 6024 to control when this voltage is delivered by incorporating the use of an SCXI switch. The SCXI-1160 for example has a switching capacity of up to 1 A @ 30 VDC.
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