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2 different PXI-2503 Topologies

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Hi I am using CVI 8.1, MAX 4.5 and Switch Exec 2.01, Wndows XP2 for the following situation. I had a previous topology (single 2x24) set for a PXI-2503 switch with its respective test program. For my application, the previous Switch Configuration is called MON, consisting of DEV1_ivi. For my next test program for a different UUT target, I had changed the PXI-2503 topology DEV1_ivi to a dual 2x12, thus opening switch BC02, and separating group 0/1 from group 2/3. This new configuration, called PSTESTER, is working fine. But when I returned to the previous test program which calls the original configuration called MON, the executing program caused numerous "cannot connect...." errors. Examining the DEV1_ivi, shows that the original MON is now configured to a dual 2x12 . The question, therefore, is how do I setup Switch Executive to keep the respective switch configurations for more than one test program. I hope that I have included sufficient information. Scott Youngren
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I think that the issue here lies in the indirection in the IVI layer.  First a quick explanation:


Switch Executive configurations use IVI switch device sessions underneath the hood.  So however your IVI device is configured is how Switch Exec will try to initialize and use the device.


IVI has a concept of an IVI device and an IVI logical name.  The IVI device is the underlying software configuration that tells what topology to use, etc.  The logical name is nothing more than a name association to a specific IVI device.  The reason that IVI presents these two concepts has to with that first "I" in "IVI"....interchangeable.  By allowing users to create logical names it would allow you to create a single piece of test code and then interchange different instruments by only changing the logical name configuration.  The logical name is sort of like a "pointer" to a device configuration.  IVI allows you to create many different software names and configurations for a single piece of physical hardware.


In order to ease the IVI configuration burden, Switch Executive will actually create these IVI configurations for you automatically so this may be the first time that you are having to interact with them at this level.


So for your specific issue, I believe that the problem is that although Switch Executive is expecting the two Switch Exec Virtual Devices to use two different topologies, the software configuration in IVI is telling it to always use the same topology because it's always using the same name.  The best way to fix your problem is to use a different IVI logical/device name to represent the two different topologies.


Hope this helps!


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Jason Thanks for a great answer. I thought that there was a 'logical' explanation. I went back to MAX to see if I can rename or re-configure. However, I am having trouble figuring out exactly how to set it up. I'm going to have to find a tutor to show me step by step the mechanix of MAX. thanks Scott Youngren
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