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NIDays around the corner... - important last minute facts

Dear alliance member

as you do know next week there will be NIDays 2012 in Switzerland. I want to make you aware of some of the highlights and encourage you to send you best customer contacts and your best employees to that fantastic event.

Over the last couple of years we have changed the NIDays format. In the past is was the NI event targeted for LabVIEW users and NI customers. The focus has emerged and the NIDays have grown the major event for science, technology and innovation. With that we have two major events in the year. The NIDays convention for decision makers, department heads, R&D managers, directors and senior scientists as well as c level officers. On the other hand there are the LabVIEW days in fall that are targeted for the LabVIEW developer and programmer. The LabVIEW days focus a lot on new LabVIEW technology and features and software design tools.

The NIDays focus on technology still a lot of LabVIEW but also a lot of hardware. Even more important though it is about the technology and future outlooks, vision and trends. Some of the highlights for NIDays 2012 do illustrate this:


Prof Dr Heuer, General Manager CERN     how do you get the largest machine (prototype) alive and keep it working successfully, thousands of scientists and engineers from all over the world are involved and it is an amazing endeavour

Dr James Truchards, CEO and Co-founder NI the boss himself will be a the NIDays. it is great to see the vision of Dr Truchard that has built a company to last from the 3 man team to a 6500 employee worldleader for measurement, automation and control.

Business Sessions:    

Automated Test Outlook by Charles Schroeder     Charles is on of the amazing leaders at NI. He spent many years in R&D, led the main development for FlexRIO and now became the main strategist for automated test. NI gathers feedback from thousands of test engineers worldwide and get the results to our customers so that they are always ahead of the curve

Life Sciences by NI VP John Hanks how to accelerate development of life sciences instrumentation and Medical Devices

Energy by Prof Dr Mario Paolone (EPFL) on opportunities and challenges in the energy market

Innovation and Technology by Dr Walter Steinlin director for commission for technology and innovation, swiss federation (reporting directly to Bundesrat Schneider Ammann)


Technical Sessions:    

Modell-based and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL-) Testing, gaining importants and are key differentiators in the design process. Session is led by Stephan Ahrends, Senior Systems Engineer

Update on CompactRIO and RIO technologies by Todd Dobberstein, R&D Austin TX


Besides that there are many NI senior managers and engineers present for individual meetings:

Francis Griffiths     VP NI Europe

Rahman Jamal      Director Marketing Europe

Michael Dams       Managing Director NI Central Europe


Again invite you best customers so that they continue to believe in you and our joint vision of graphical system design and test. Please also send your best engineers so that they learn about the future trends and technologies.

See ya at NIDays 2012


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