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What could watermelon speak USA 2013

Contact Information

University: University of Texas at Dallas

Team Members (with year of graduation): Qiang Li

Faculty Advisers:

Email Address:

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Project Information

Title:  What could watermelon speak


  We judge the ripeness of a watermelon by thumping it and listening to the sound it resonates.   In essence, we try to figure out the quality of the watermelon by the sound it makes.


  Hardware: no extra hardware is needed; just need computer contain sound card. If you want to achieve better performance, A mircophone is recommended.

   Software: LABVIEW 2012

The Challenge: 

How to build up the model to detect sound in real time and the relationship of fructose pecentage, as well as water precentage with frequency detected.

Thanks to the Tony when we go to Walmart to purchase fruits and tony show me the skill to knock the melon to tell it ripe or not and I talk to him I cannot tell from sound but I could build up a instrumental to do better job.

The Solution

Inspired by the horn project, I want to do something interesting with the sound, when i go to Walmart with my firend, I see him to select the melon with knocking that. I realize I could finish the thing easily with Labview even without DAQ. for I am a chemistry major student, I also study the relation with the ripeness and water percent, sugar percent. The result is coming soon

Attach Poster (30 in. x 38 in.) and LabVIEW Code:


The system is super simple as you connect the mircophone to the melon and knock it through anywhere no matter the hit intensity or frequency. the final result is around 5Hz.

Labview control system:

See the attachments and the video link in youtube. Matlab is also used to do the fitting to calculate the frequency.

Chemistry Method to Test for the water percent and fructose precent:

Procedure: 1) Take 1g watermelon spieces from 10 different places and smash them. filtaration and inject into the HPLC, at the same time, measure the standard 10mg disolve into 500uL DI Water fructose peak areas. used the washout conditon 95 pecent water vs Acetonitrile 5%.

                      2)  Do the watermelon test with different knock speed and different positon

The Android App Download Website:

Sorry for the delay for I am preparing to graduate this year. Attached the vi. and MATLAB FITTING graph.


I look forward to using my phone to see if a melon is ripe or not!  🙂


Thank you very much. Because of the graduation in this summer. the process of labview and code is delay hopefully I could graduate.