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Virtual Experimental Set-up to Study Parameters Affecting Performance of Pin Fin.



College: Modern Education Society’s College of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra, India

University: Savitribai Phule Pune University

Field of Study: Mechanical Engineering

Academic Year: 2015-16

Project guided by: Prof. V. J. Sonawane & Dr. A.C. Mitra

Acknowledgement: Prof. P.R. Dhamangaonkar, College of Enigneering, Pune


Group Members:

  1. Amarnath Warty
  2. Vishal Kanawade
  3. Kalpesh Yadav
  4. Arvind Kumar


B.E. Mechanical Project 2015-16


Title: Virtual Experimental setup to study parameters affecting performance of pin fin.


Aim & Motivation:

We have seen technological advancements in so many fields of learning like video lectures, overhead projectors in classes, online tests etc. We clearly have alternatives to study written material. But what about practical experiments? What if one wants to perform them at his own leisure time?  What if he wants to change a few parameters and see the changes in results? This is where we decided to do this project and make studying practical experiments interesting.


Products Used:

LabVIEW 13.0


About the project:

The experiment and calculations to determine the efficiency of pin fin and heat transfer rate through pin fin have been programmed in LabVIEW. The reason for selecting this experiment is that it is considered to be the most difficult experiment in heat transfer course for undergraduate students. The reason for this is that the calculations are quite tedious and require around twenty five to thirty minutes for an average student to calculate (for one reading). Also, generally, there is no provision for a student to understand the changes in result if the fin material is changed. So, with an aim to satisfy these needs, we’ve programmed the experiment and added few options like changing the fin material, geometry and dimensions. Well, all of this can now be done within few minutes and can be done by anybody on his personal computer. The interactive options make experiment understanding easier for the student.



Along with heat transfer rate and efficiency, a person will also be able to see Nusselt number, convective heat transfer coefficient and interpolated values from air property chart for every change in temperature and dimensions of fin.


VES Pin FIn.jpg


Benefits of Virtual Experimental Set-up:

  1. Excellent platform for research related experiments. As the calculation part (which takes around 25 to 30 minutes for one reading) is now taken care of, more and more readings could be taken and the accuracy of results could be improved.
  2. Data acquisition is possible and readings and results can be saved and checked anytime.
  3. This software acts as a validator to check human calculations and results.
  4. Results for different fin materials and dimensions is obtained within minutes.
  5. Interactive front panel for making experiment understanding interesting.