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UT Austin/ Longhorn Racing: FSAE Student Design Competition 2012, USA

Contact Information

University: University of Texas at Austin, Cockrell School of Engineering

Team Member(s): Adam Pate, Micah Harbour, Joshua Kostroun, Pete Murray, Jacob Feinstein, Matthius Daus, Fred Englkemeir, Matt Amme, Romain Muzy, Eric Pak, Jorge Reyes

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Ronald Matthews

Email Address:

Country: USA

Project Information

Title: FSAE Student Design Competition 2012

Design, test, and build a formula style race car to compete in 1 of 7 annual FSAE competitions. Vehicle must compete in autocross, endurance, skidpad, acceleration, design, and cost and perform well in all events to win.


NI cRIO, NI PCI Express Multifunction DAQ, NI Bus-Powered 400 kS/s BIO DAQ

The Challenge:

We must design, build, and test a formula style race car to compete in the FSAE competition. In addition to arriving at designing the vehice, students are responsible for funding the entire project by raising financial and resource support from sponsors.

The Solution:

Students conceptualize, design, build, and test engineering solutions to real world problems under the template of a race car project. In order for the project to be successful there is a heavy emphasis on systems integration and design validation to ensure that the vehicle potential performance is maximized.

Use of labview and NI hardware greatly expedites the testing process. With NI hardware and software we are able to streamline the process used to draw meaningful conclusions from test data. The end result is more competitive and more reliable race car.

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NI Employee (retired)

Hey LonghornRacing,

Thank you so much for your project submission into the Global NI LabVIEW Student Design Competition. It looks great! Make sure you share your project URL ( with your peers and faculty so you can collect votes ("likes") for your project and win. If any of your friends have any questions about how to go about "voting" for your project, tell them to read this brief document ( If your team is interested in getting certified in LabVIEW, we are offering students who participate in our Global NI LabVIEW Student Design Competition the opportunity to achieve certification at a fraction of the cost. It's a great opportunity to test your skills and enhance your resume at the same time. Check it out:

Good luck!

Sadaf in Austin, Texas