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The AutoBock


Contact Information

University:  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Team Member(s):  Steve Polansky, Brian, Alex, Dan, and friends

Email Address:


Project Information

Title: The AutoBock


After a long day of work and school, the Autobock provides an automated means of pouring a refreshing beverage, thus removing the effort from relaxation.


  • NI myDaq
  • Labview 2009
  • DaqMX

The Challenge:

There are two main components to the Autobock, sensing data and controlling output, both of which are handled by the National Instruments myDaq.  When a cup is placed on the platform it triggers a photodetector which then controls a servo motor to turn on the tap.  The myDaq then continually takes readings of the weight of the cup waiting for it to be full.  When it has been determined that the cup is full the tap shuts off and awaits a new cup.

The Solution:

NI Employee (retired)

Hi Steve, great (and fun) submission,

Thank you so much for your project submission into the NI LabVIEW Student Design Competition. It's great to see your enthusiasm for NI LabVIEW! Make sure you share your project URL with your peers and faculty so you can collect votes for your project and win. Collecting the most "likes" gives you the opportunity to win cash prizes for your project submission. If you or your friends have any questions about how to go about "voting" for your project, tell them to read this brief document ( You have until July 15, 2011 to collect votes!


I'm curious to know, what's your favorite part about using LabVIEW and how did you hear about the competition? Great work!!


Good Luck, Liz in Austin, TX.