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Optimization of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle performance with integrated lithium-ion battery energy storage system.

Contact Information

University: Kettering University - Electrical & Computer Engineering

Author: Mori W. Yatsui

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Hua Bai

Email Address:

Project Information

Title: Optimization of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle performance with integrated lithium-ion battery energy storage system.

Battery is one of the most important energy storage components in EV/HEV.Failing to estimate the state of the charge accurately will bring the risk of overchargeor over discharge. Traditional coulomb counting method will bring accumulatederror therefore high deviation occurs between the estimated and real state ofcharge.  Different estimation strategiesare compared in this paper, i.e., Coulomb counting method, open-circuit-voltagemethod and Kalman Filter based state of charge estimation. Experiments results validatethe effectiveness of Kalman Filter on the on-line application.


myDAQ, Simulation and Control Package, LEM current transducer, mechanical relay, Valence battery, etc.

The Challenge & The Solution:

Please refer to the file 02-Battery_SOC_Estimation_(VPPC) and to note this is only an initial draft.  The document Thesis can also be referred to for more detail.  

A video summary of my project is in the following link.


Review #1

Interesting approach to estimate the SOC in a HEV. Clear definitions and

   interesting results.

Review #2

The authors are presenting an interesting and practical method to estimate SOC

   based on Kalman Filter. This paper will be interesting to the attendees of VPPC


Review #3

The author presents the model of a lithium ion battery, and explains the methods

   for SOC estimation, including OCV, CC and Kalman filter.

   However, there are several points that should focus:

   1. Kalman Filter has been used in a lot of research for SOC estimation on

   several different types of batteries.

   2.SOC estimation is far more complex than just using an algorithm to estimate.

   It is because the capacity loss ,and temperature factors will effect on the SOC


   3. Paper should be well formatted. i.e. Figure 5 is missing, title for the table

   is missing,too. Also, the explanation for all figures and experimental

   procedure, results are not enough.

   But as for a senior student, this has been demonstrate his strong potential for

   further research study.

<Reviews of my paper through IEEE VPPC 2011 Conference>

NI Employee (retired)

Hey Mori W. Yatsui,

Thank you so much for your project submission into the NI LabVIEW Student Design Competition. It's great to see your enthusiasm for NI LabVIEW! Make sure you share your project URL ( with your peers so you can collect votes via "likes" for your project and win. Collecting the most "likes" gives you the opportunity to win cash prizes for your project submission. I'm curious to know, what's your favorite part about using LabVIEW and how did you hear about the competition?

Good Luck, Liz in Austin, TX.