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Odyssee: electric racing car


On this picture, you can see Odyssee driving at the circuit of Zolder (Belgium) during cleanweek2020


CQS Group T Racing Team consists of 20 Master students Engineering, Studying at Group T International University College Leuven.

The team was founded in September 2009 and began 'from scratch' with the development of an electric and hybrid race car, based on original 2CV-parts.


During one year, the team designed two innovative drivetrains. They were both assembled in two converted Citroën 2CV's.

The electric vehicle is called the Odyssee (58), its front wheels are driven by a switched reluctance motor (SRM). This is the first time a race car is equipped this kind of motor. The big advantage of this motor is that it isn't using magnetic material. And it's using DC (switched) power. So it's more efficient compared with an asynchronous motor. Lithium iron phosphate batteries deliver the power. We are using a crio to read out sensors (throttle, possition, temperatures, ...) and communicate with the motorcontroller to allow current to flow to the motor.

The hybrid car, Pegasus (85) contains the original 2CV engine, extended by an injection system to run on bio-ethanol (E85). Additional power is unleashed when an extra electric motor in the back is activated. This motor has its own battery pack.

The body of both cars is made of flax fibers. The big advantage is that you can very easy recycle the material. It is compostable if you pulverize it.

odyssee doorzicht.jpg

Here you can see Odysse in design view. The Crio is standing next to the driver, below the control pannel.

things we used:

- Labview

- Real-Time Module

- FPGA Module

- Crio


CQS Group T Racing Team has succesfully participated in the 24h02'CV race at Spa-Francorchamps. The results are analyzed and the team has started optimizing the different components. We became 3th in the experimentals with Pegasus. This year we will participate again and try to do better.

On the video below you can see a short racereport about the 24h02' race of Francorchamps.

Logo CQS Group T RT_RGB.jpg

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