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New Submission Template for Student Design Competition 2011


My name is Joshua Bruhn and I was a student at Texas Tech University from 2007 to 2012.  I worked on a two semester project for my senior design lab in 2011 and 2012.  I was given the task of automating a test bench that would automatically measure the quantum efficiency of a photovoltaic cell over a range of wavelengths.  Our job was to design a program that would controll the test bench using LabVIEW and write a user manual so that the graduate students would know how to properly operate this system properly.  We were given the original control software for the monochromator (described in my final report) designed by Oreial Optics. We then modified these Vi's so that the data would be automaticaly captured.  This software is meant to interface with 3 external device contected by GPIB.  These devices include a Monochromator, a Stanford Research SR830 Lock-in Amplifier, and a Keithley SourceMeter 2400. Unfortunately I will not be able to bring this equipment with as it is owned by the Texas Tech Nano-Tach Department.  I do have results and finding that the program has produced.

Attached is a zip file that contains all to the Vi's that were used to build this program.  I also attached both final reports from both semesters.  I feel it is important that I send both of these files because this project was completed over a two semester period.  The Lab 4 final report describes interfacing with each component of the system individually while the Lab 5 report disscuses some of the results and additions to the program.

It you have any questions please feel free to email me at


Joshua Bruhn