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New Labview controlled remote surveillance RC helicopter

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Contact Information:

(Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education)

Team Members: Mr. A.Salai Jeyaseelan & Ms. S. Mohana Priya

Faculty Advisor: Mr. G,Pandiaraj M.E


Project Information

Labview controlled remote surveillance RC helicopter (LCRC)


               The world we are living which seek privacy and security, we have come up with an idea to remodelling a RC flying Helicopter into a Labview controlled Remote surveillance moniter. We have installed a mini camera along with a RF transmitter onboard of the RC helicopter, which transmits the clear image of the focused area continously. The transmitted signals are recieved on ground by a RF reciever with is connected to Labview. The control of the helicopter is also RC helicopter is also controlled by the Labview.


               We had used the following products to design our project in three catergories (i.e.,) Software, Hardware and Components.

Software:  LABVIEW TM

Hardware: Serial to  USB convertor

Components: One RC helicopter and RF transmitter and reciever circuits

The Challenge:

               The objective of the project is to design a surveillence system using Labview and controll the RC helicopter using the same.The challenge of our project is to make a wireless transmit of video signal from a flying RC helicopter to ground and process that video using Labview for surveillance. Our project will help the society, which seeks security at low cost and high performance.

The Solution:

                  As already described in the description, we have installed a micro camera on the RC helicopter and it sends video of the place around which it is flying through a RF transmitter and on ground we have a RF reciever and sends the video to the computer while the controls for the RC helicopter is also given from the computer through serial Port.


Helicopter Specification:

      The RC helicopter we had used a RC coaxial helicopter model of dimensions

Length: 210mm

Height: 115mm

Width: 40mm  

Remote control: Infra Red (short range).



Camera specification:

     The camera used here is a USB webcamera dismounted from its frame and contains only the camera and the USB transmitter.


     Now for the construction of the whole setup.



     We have mounted the camera at the nose of the helicopter. The USB data is converted into serial and the serial data is passed into microcontroller and is transmitted through a RF transmitter. This is all about the Transmitter side. 



     In the reciever side, we have a RF reciever with microconreoller to convert it to serial. Here again we use a serial to USB to make a wireless camera transmitter and reciever. The recieved signal is video signal which will be got by Labview for further processing.



     The RC helicopter is controlled by Labview using Serial Port Communication, the control inputs are sent from the Labview to the Serial Port. The Port sents the data to the remote control of the RC helicopter which is dismandled and the transmitter connections are taken a parallel input connections and these parallel inputs are get by the Serial Port.




     The working of the RC survillence goes like this

1. The control inputs are given from the Labview to the RC helicopter.

2. The RC helicopter recieves the Control signal and starts to move.

3. The camera in the helicopter will start transmitting the video fro the helicopter.

4. The reciever recieves the video and sends to lavbview.

5. A screen is displayed on the Labview front panel.


The Experimentation of the project is detailed clearly below:


Figure : Welcome Page of our project

Remote control.JPG

Figure: Page that controls the working of the Helicopter


Figure: This page Plays the video that is being Transmitted


Figure: This page email the remote user the footage of the video

We Nominate our Teacher Mr. G. Saravana Kumar who used to engage Labview classes for us. He also used to inspired with interesting labview assignments and projects and we are so sincere and devoted for his help us in this project.


i like your project